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Podcast & Videocast

These EverWeb widgets can be used to create audio and video podcasts.
Use the Mobile Blog widgets to create search and signup functions.
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Podcast MP3 Player

The widget has an optional image with alt text, MP3 button player with podcast title, text description, download and back links and an optional copyright notice field.
A Disqus comments box can be added as can a built in footer with auto update and smooth scroll to the top.

Audio JS Player

The Audio JS player has a play/pause button, progress bar and elapsed and track time.The player width is adjustable and is inserted into an HTML5 element with options for heading, image with alt text and caption, episode title, date, text description and copyright info.
There is an optional download link for delivering a ZIP of the audio MP3 file.

Playlist Player

The playlist uses the Audio JS player which is adjustable in length. It is inserted into a responsible HTML5 container.
There are options for a heading, an image with alt text and caption and the copyright info. Up to 100 tracks can be played consecutively.

Podcast Archive Internal

The archive is a table which can hold up to one hundred items. The first column shows the podcast name. Clicking it plays the audio - clicking again stops it.
There are optional columns for author or info, date and a download link.
This version of the widget uses MP3 files which are inserted from the EverWeb Assets List - hence the name "Internal".
The ZIP files for download can be either internal or external.

Podcast Archive External

This widget is exactly the same as the one above except it can load the audio MP3 files from a separate folder on the same or a different server. This allows a large number of audio files - and the corresponding download ZIP files - to be stored outside of the EverWeb application.
Both versions of the widget have a checkbox for creating a sortable list which is active by clicking the appropriate column head.

Podcast List

The list has columns for the podcast title, info and date and a link to the podcast page.
There are numerous styling options including the ability to create zebra striping.
By checking a box, the list can be made sortable. The visitor can sort any column by clicking its header.

Videocast MP4

This widget creates a videocast using a self hosted MP4 video and a poster image. The video player uses VideoJS to allow the video - and its container - to be responsive if required and have uniform appearance and controls when viewed in the various browsers and device types.

Videocast Vimeo

The widget loads a Vimeo hosted video by inserting the ID number. There is a heading, optional date field and info text with an optional link to send visitors to Vimeo to share the video cast.
The video has options for show/hide the title, byline and fullscreen button.
The video and its container can be made responsive if required.

Videocast YouTube

This is similar to the one above but uses videos hosted by YouTube.
Only the video ID number is required to load it.
YouTube does have different features from Vimeo and allows the start time to be set. YouTube is not so "quality" as Vimeo but does have the advantage being more familiar to most.

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