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Modules are widgets that contain several elements so that they can be made responsive in many cases and make them more efficient and easier to move from one location to another.
Modules enclose the elements in HTML5 containers which makes for much better search engine results and faster download.

Q & A FAQ Module

The module is used to create a responsive accordion style Q & A FAQ where the opened answer closes when another question is clicked.
The widget has many styling options including the ability to have contrasting color and background for the questions and answers.

Info Card

This is like the website equivalent of a business card which can have a logo and up to ten lines of info. The last two create email and website links.
The card can be used for adding suppliers, sponsors or associated businesses to a web page. Adding links to associated websites can really help with overall search engine optimisation.


A sidebar which can hold up to five items and will scroll to the top of the browser window and then stick in that position until the page is scrolled in the reverse direction.
Each item in the sidebar can have a heading with contrasting background, an optional image, text description and an optional CTA style hyperlink.

Scrolling Sidebar

The sidebar can contain up to a hundred modules each with sticky heading, image, data, text and a hyperlink tab.
The headings stick and stay in view until the next item scrolls up.
Since items are easily reordered by dragging them, the widget is ideal for sequential items such as latest news, blog posts etc.

Scroll Text

The fixed height container hides the text overflow so that the contents can be scrolled.
The optional heading can have a contrasting background and has options to fix it in position and for scroll arrows.
The container can have a border and/or box shadow with rounded corners if required and there are controls for styling text links.


The scrollbox is similar to the Scroll Text widget but has the option to add an extra paragraph and an image. The image can be full width or set to a percentage width so that the second paragraph wraps around it.
Rather than use the image as a hyperlink, there is an optional CTA style tab link which is configured to open an internal page. This can be aligned left, center or right.

Scrolling List

The scrolling list can be use to accommodate up to 100 items in a scrolling container with a header and optional scroll icon. Uses would include a sidebar with news items or blog posts.
Each item has a heading, text and an optional CTA style link. The links can be to internal or external pages with the option to open in a new window.

Auto Scrolling List

A vertical auto scrolling list for news items, blog posts or info links.
Each list item contains a heading, optional "date" field, descriptive text and an optional CTA style link which has the option to open in a new window.
The list can scroll continuously with a pause on hover option or have a preset delay between each item.


The module has an h1 heading which can be styled with a contrasting background, a paragraph, an h2 heading and a second paragraph. It can be styled with a border and/or a box shadow and made responsive if required.
The optional CTA style internal hyperlink can be styled and aligned left, center or right. There are controls for styling text hyperlinks too.

Text Wrap Image

This is essentially the same as the Text Module with the addition of an image with alt text for SEO.
The image is inserted between the first and second paragraphs and is floated left so that the text wraps around it.
The image width is expressed as a percentage of the container width so that it expands and contracts with the container if the responsive option is used.

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