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Image Galleries

Image galleries launched from a responsive thumbnail image grid which changes the number of images per row depending on the viewing device width.
These galleries are suitable for creating a fully responsive page with their built in h1 heading, text and optional footer with auto update for © year and a smooth scroll to the top button.
For those who have several gallery pages, there is a responsive image grid to navigate to them.
These image galleries use separate thumbnail and large image files so they are much more efficient than the older widgets and the EverWeb default gallery. Using separate thumbnail files allows the web page to download much faster and this is an important consideration if the slideshow has more than a few imagess.
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Gallery Navigation Grid

A responsive captioned image grid to create a pictorial navigation menu to pages with image galleries.
The grid shows a different number of images images per row on computers, tablet devices and mobile phones.
When used in conjunction with a suitable header/navigation widget it can create a fully responsive page with the optional heading, text and footer.

Responsive Caption Gallery

The responsive thumbnail grid has adjustable spacing and a one or two line caption below the image.
The lightbox slideshow has optional slide up captions and is navigated by arrows or grab and drag on computers and swipe on touch devices.
The number of images per row changes with the device type or browser width.

Responsive Grid Lightbox Gallery

The number of thumbnails per row and the spacing between them can be adjusted.
The lightbox slideshow is navigated use arrows or grab and drag when viewed on computers and swipe on touch devices.
The full size images have captions which can have a time delay before they appear.

Thumbnail Caption Gallery

This version adds thumbnail captions. These are overlaid on the image and can be visible all the time or on hover when viewed on computers or by tapping on touch devices.
The large image captions are derived from the thumbnail alt attribute and can be turned off globally if not required.

Responsive Light Gallery

This gallery has all the options of the previous one with the addition of a large selection of transitions including some 3D ones.
The lightbox slideshow has options for autoplay, fullscreen and zoom in/out for oversized images.
Navigation is suitable for both computer and touch devices users.

Album Gallery

Although the image galleries above are a much better option than the EverWeb default one, some users need to display more than 50 or so images per page. How can this be done without having a web page that takes forever to download?
Divide the images into albums - each of which is launched by clicking or tapping a captioned thumbnail image.

Video Gallery

The widget creates a responsive thumbnail image grid which changes the number of images per row depending on the width of the browser or device screen. The thumbnails have a caption on hover when viewed on computers and on load on touch devices. Clicking or tapping a thumbnail opens a Vimeo, YouTube or MP4 in a lightbox window. The video stops when the window is closed.

Justified Grid Gallery

The gallery uses separate thumbnail images for faster page download. The thumbnails can have different aspect ratios since there is a control to justify their spacing and prevent a blank space appearing in the last row.
Clicking any thumbnail opens a lightbox slideshow which can be swiped on mobile devices. The thumbnails and/or the large images can have captions.

Random Image Grid

This is an image only version of the previous widget for those who want to show off up to two hundred random sized images. The grid item spacing and margin iare adjustable and there is an optional built in footer with smooth scroll to the top and auto copyright year update.
The captions are derived from the alt text attribute. They show on hover on computers and on page load on touch devices. The images can be created as hyperlinks to open in a new window if required.

Instagram Image Grid

The image grid is created from an Instagram feed and requires an Instagram User ID and an Access Token. The gallery grid can be made responsive with a maximum width setting.
There are controls for setting the number of images per row, the number of images in the grid, image spacing, the background color and for adding a border and/or box shadow. There is an optional header with heading and icon.

Photographer's Auto Gallery

The gallery is designed to load a large number of images quickly and display their auto generated thumbnails in a justified grid which opens the images in a lightbox slideshow.
Due to the large number of full size images and the need to download them all at page load, the gallery is really only suitable for displaying images on private, "client only" pages.

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