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Responsive Slideshows

This section has slideshows which are responsive. Please refer to the Info section to find out how to set up responsive items in EverWeb.
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Color Range Slider

This slideshow is used for displaying product images to show the color options. The slider is navigated by clicking or tapping colored "swatch" tabs which are assigned the product colors.
These tabs can be adjusted for size, spacing and distance apart so that they can be adjusted to suit either computers or touch devices. Tablets and mobile phones need larger tabs spaced wider apart.
The slider is responsive, has optional captions and an optional heading and paragraph for the product info.

Auto Pager Slider

The slider can be set to autoplay with adjustable slide and transition times. It can also be set to manual using the pager dots to navigate on computers and swipe on touch devices.
The images can be hyperlinks with an open in a new window option.
The slideshow can be made responsive and its container styled with a border and/or box shadow.

Thumbnail Carousel Slideshow

A slideshow with separate thumbnails which allows the web page to load much faster due to the fact that the large images don't have to download until the visitor navigates to them.
Options for arrow, click and swipe navigation, three transitions and a full size button.
The slideshow can be set to "shuffle" mode so that the image order is changed each time the page is reloaded.

Random Size Image Slider

This slideshow is for those situations where random sized images need to be displayed. The slideshow "stage" is set up using a suitable aspect ratio so that it can be made responsive. The images are then forced to fit this stage.
There are numerous navigation options as well as autoplay. The slideshow can behave a fullscreen button which either opens it to fill the browser window or the device screen.

Responsive Slider

A responsive slideshow with captions and optional hyperlinks which can display up to 100 images without effecting page download time due to the optional "on demand" lazy loading feature.
The slider can be manual or autoplay with a pause on hover option. The optional heading, text block and footer allow a fully responsive page to be created.

Info Layer Slider

A responsive slideshow with an info overlay with background transparency. The overlay has a heading, text block and an info link.
The slideshow has options for lazy loading, a border to better define the images, manual or autoplay with pause on hover and variable slide and transition time.

Ken Burns Effect

The slideshow can be manual or autoplay with options for navigation arrows, pager dots and pause on hover. The slides can be configured as hyperlinks if required.
The centered captions are optional and their distance from the top or bottom adjusted.
There is an adaptive height option for images of varying aspect ratio.

Super Size Slider

The slider fills the page background when viewed on computers and fills the screen when viewed on touch devices.
Options for auto or manual play, captions and hyperlinks.
The slideshow captions can be animated with controls for delay and time and can be positioned vertically, relative to the top

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