EverWeb Widgets

How To Install & Use
EverWeb Widgets

The widgets can be installed with the EverWeb application open but the main window should be closed.
Double click any widget icon and the window shown in the screenshot will appear.
Click OK and install any other widgets.
Now open a website from the Projects window and click the Widgets tab where the new widget will be in the list.

installing EverWeb widgets

Using Widgets
To use a widget, drag its icon onto the EverWeb design canvas and its settings will appear in the Widget inspector. To return to these settings at any point, select the widget on the design canvas.
Most of the widgets are straightforward and the instructions in the Widgets inspector are quite clear.
Most user problems stem from the fact that they didn't take the time to read the instructions, understand what the widget does and how it works.
Before attempting to use a widget, please refer to the appropriate page of this site for additional info.
If problems occur, the first thing to try is to copy the widget over to a blank test page. This ensures that it is the actual widget causing the problem and not another item on the page.
If support is required, the test page should first be published to the server. There's no point in trying to describe a problem or send screenshots of the EverWeb design canvas. A published file is required so that the source code can be examined to find any problems.
Uninstalling Widgets
Third party widgets are installed in the user library …

~ library/Application Support/EverWeb/Widgets

Hold down the option key while in the Finder Go menu to reveal the user library folder.
To get rid of unwanted widgets that you have installed, browse to the Widgets folder and drag them out onto the desktop.
To delete any unwanted widgets that are installed in the application by default, open the Applications folder, select the EverWeb icon, control (right) click and select "Show Package Contents".
Then follow the path …

Contents --> Resources --> Widgets

Rather than trash them, keep the widgets in a folder in the Home folder in case you need them again at some point.

Widget Management

At the time of writing, EverWeb users have access to over 800 widgets and there are more on the way. This can make it quite difficult to find widgets when several packs are installed.
The first step towards reducing the chaos is to uninstall all those that are not being use in any of the sites that will require updating.
Those who design client sitea - and have several hundred of the EverWeb Codebox widgets installed - should consider opening a new user account and installing EverWeb and the new widgets from this site to get a fresh start.
Having a separate user account - or several of them - for web design has a lot of advantages and keeps this activity completely separate from all the other things we do.

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